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In 2010 the third-generation electron storage ring source Elettra upgraded with a full-energy injector joined the synchrotron facilities that operate in top-up mode for users. The new injector and a number of hardware and software upgrades now allow us to continuously reinject the electrons lost during operation to keep the circulating current and the thermal load constant in time. Because the synchrotron radiation intensity and the thermal load on all storage ring components depend on the circulating current, the top-up mode of operation affords a constant light intensity, a substantially increased average brightness over time, and a much increased spatial stability of the source point. Elettra is the only synchrotron radiation facility originally designed to operate in the decay mode where the stored beam is allowed to decay to some level before refilling occurs, which has been successfully upgraded to operate in top-up mode.  Elettra is also the only third-generation synchrotron radiation source in the world that operates routinely at two different electron energies, i.e., 2.0 GeV for enhanced extended ultraviolet performance and spectroscopic applications, and 2.4 GeV for enhanced x-ray emission and diffraction applications.

Elettra light source

Introduction & History

Elettra is the third generation storage ring (2 and 2.4 GeV ) that has been in operation since October 1993.

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All the necessary actions to ensure and improve the functioning of the accelerators as means of service to the users.

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The main objective is the beam quality, which is the measure of the “goodness” of a light source. To improve it some developments are considered.

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Beam parameters & operations

Beam image

Beam parameters of Elettra and operations

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Details about each Elettra's system.

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