Advisory boards

The scientific and technical quality and developments of the laboratories managed by Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste are constantly monitored by board-appointed international Committees which advise on all relevant aspects of the general and development policy, scientific programs, accelerator development, technology transfer and industrial applications.

Machine Advisory Committee (MAC)

Chairman: Dr. Richard Walker (DIAMOND)

  • Dr. Hans Braun (PSI and SwissFEL)
  • Prof. Mikael Eriksson (Lund University and MAX-Lab)
  • Dr. G. Geloni (European XFEL)
  • Dr. Peter Kuske (Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and BESSY II)
  • Dr. Amor Nadji (SOLEIL)
  • Dr. T. Raubenheimer (SLAC)
  • Dr. Ferdinand Willeke (BNL and NSLS-II)
  • Dr. Alexander Zholents (APS)

Scientific Advisory Council (SAC)

Chairman: Prof. Ingolf Lindau (Stanford and Lund University)

  • Prof. Karsten Horn (FHI-MPG and Freie University of Berlin)
  • Prof. Sine Larsen (University of Copenhagen)
  • Prof. Keith Nugent (La Trobe University)
  • Prof. Bruce Patterson (SLS and PSI)
  • Prof. Maria Novella Piancastelli (University of Uppsala)
  • Prof. Jean-Pierre Samama (SOLEIL and University of Strasbourg)
  • Dr. Charles V. Shank (UC Berkeley)
  • Dr. Robert W. Schoenlein (LCLS and SLAC)
  • Prof. Stefan Eisebitt (Max-Born-Institute, Berlin)

Proposal Review Panels

The Proposal Review Panels are composed of senior scientists active in different scientific fields and appointed by the Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste management with the aim of evaluating the General User's proposals.

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