FTIR spectroscopy for an improvement of cell selection in assisted reproduction technologies

FertilitàSuccess of assisted reproduction technologies are highly related to selection of good quality oocytes and spermatozoa. Analyses on oocyte macromolecular structure are necessary to detect and better evaluate alterations caused by aging. On the other hand, sperm selection is usually based only on morphology, motility and concentration characteristics. Considering the many possible alterations, there is a great need for analytical approaches allowing more effective sperm selections.

Elettra's contribution
Fourier transformed Infrared (FTIR) micro-spectroscopy has been applied to human oocytes, leading to strong evidences of damage from aging in the gametes of mature women, which could be related to a decline in reproductive function. Moreover, FTIR spectroscopy for sperm characterization allowed to measure lipid peroxidation of sperm cell membrane that results strongly influenced by capacitation and correlated to sperm motility.
The results of the studies support the concept that FTIR can be proposed as a new smart diagnostic tool for the detection of oocyte aging and for the evaluation of semen quality in assisted reproduction technology.

Facility: SISSI and IUVS Beamlines.


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