BEST - BEamtime SaTisfaction form

As soon as scheduled shifts are finished, proposers are required to fill in the BEamtime SaTisfaction form (previously called End Of Shifts Form, EOSF), available on the Virtual User Office (VUO). Once your beamtime has finished, you will find a link to the BEST form in your profile in the VUO.
Please note that if your beamtime is scheduled in non-continuative shifts (e.g. there are machine shifts in the middle of your beamtime), you will be required to fill in more than one BEST form for the same proposal. Completed the first one, you will find a link to the next, which will appear to you filled with the answers of your previous BEST. Then, if nothing has changed during your beamtime, you will have the possibility to keep the same answers and submit it or change anything you need to describe better the second part of your beamtime.

Your BEST will be delivered to the personnel of the Customer Care and Customer Satisfaction Program. They will be the only ones to have access to your identity and may contact you if necessary. Users' answers will be grouped and analysed statistically. Your complaints or suggestions will be transmitted to the responsible of every service in an anonymous way. We invite you to complete this form describing extensively your experience, as your feedback will allow us to improve our services in the future.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 January 2012 11:03