Elettra Collaboration Calendar OLD (SOGo)

Sharing a calendar among colleagues has become crucial.
Hence, a central Collaboration Calendar service is provided for all the "@elettra.eu" accounts at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.
This service can be uses both through a modern web interface and via a client calendar applicationa (CalDAV) like Mozilla Thunderbird/Lighning or Apple Calendar.

Calendar Basics

Every person has an account on the Collaboration Calendar. Every account can have one or more calendars, and every calendar can be personal or shared with other accounts.
All the basic settings and operations (like creating a new calendar, sharing to others, etc.) can be done only through the web interface.
Adding and modifying events in a calendar can be done both via the web interface and via a CalDAV client.
Every event has a privacy level chosen among three predefined ones: Public, Confidential, Private. By default, in a shared calendar, Public events can be viewed and modified by people who can access it, Confidential ones only allow accepting or rejecting the invitation, Private ones share nothing.

Web Interface

The Collaboration Calendar can be accessed at the URL https://calendar.elettra.eu.
To login use your UniPass username (name.surname) and your usual password.

When logged in you can access the main screen of the web calendar as depicted here below.

calendar main interface

Several parts are here displayed:
Menu bar on the top (black): here you can access the three sub-areas of the tool (Calendar, Address Book, Preferences) and log out (disconnect).
Toolbar (just below the menu bar): principal, more used, actions are reachable here (new event/task, change view to day/multicolumn/week/month, etc.).
Calendars left panel: you can navigate through years, months and days, select which calendars to display (here only the default one can be seen, the "Personal Calendar"), create/modify/delete calendars.
Events/Tasks quickview panel (center of the screen): a list of events of tasks is quickly viewable here (can be hidden).
Calendar panel: here the selectable view (day/multicolumn/ween/month) is shown.

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