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Antivirus and AntiSpam

At Elettra we have adopted SOPHOS as the Antivirus and Antispam software for the electronic mail service. Any user with a valid account on the e-mail server has full control on his own messages classified as spam and therefore not delivered to him. This document will provide some basic intructions in order to manage those emails. If you encounter any doubt or problem feel free to contact the ICT Systems and Services in the persons of:

PureMessage software configuration could be modified at any time to improve its performance. We need your help in order to identify any necessary improvement to do. Please point out any malfunction detected to the Servizio Informatico.

Virus infected e-mails filtering

Any infected email message will be cleaned and quarantined: this means you won't receive any email in your mailbox. If you were waiting for a particular mail and received nothing, please have a look at your Quarantine (see "Quarantine management" down below).

Spam e-mails filtering

The e-mail messages having a very high probability to be spam will be discarded (i.e., deleted) immediately.
Those with a medium probability to be spam will be stored on a dedicated quarantine area on the Antispam Servers (see "Quarantine management" down below)

Quarantine management

Any e-mail user with e valid account will be able to check his/her own quarantined e-mail message.
With the new MARCoNI-Z mail server, there are two methods of accessing the quarantine:

  1. all messages marked as SPAM will be saved in a "Junk" folder in the mailbox and its subject will be changed to "[SPAM] <original subject". It is possible to get to this folder both in the MARCoNI-Z webmail and in any e-mail client like Apple Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird (if this folder isn't present, check the folder subscription list in the application - actions vary from program to program, do a web search with "how to subscribe to email folders with Apple Mail" (or Thunderbird).
  2. login to https://spam.elettra.eu with your accountname (i.e. name.surname) as username and your UniPass password.Once logged in  your quarantine area, the whole blocked messages list will be available. Using the items (links) available in the upper left corner of the Blocked Messages page you will have the possibility to manage your quarantined messages or configure your antispam/antivirus space:
Blocked Messages

here you can check your blocked e-mail messages; you are able to delete them (Delete Message), deliver them (Deliver Message), deliver them inserting the sender inside the Approved Senders List (Deliver & Approve Sender), or delete all of the messages witn one click. Clicking on the Subject you will be able to see at the e-mail message content.

Deleted Messages

here you will find the deleted e-mail messages waiting to be purged by PureMessage. You will be able to recover any wrong deleted e-mail messages (Undelete Message), those undeleted messages will be moved again on the Blocked Messages area.

Approved Senders **

here you can insert addresses you do not want to filter. Insert here only tested and secure addresses, since any email from that address will be delivered to you!

Blocked Senders **

here you can insert the address you do not want to receive messages from.

Notice: pay attention wich addresses you block. This means you completely reject messages without saving them into Quarntine. 


from here, selecting Notify me periodically of messages that have been blocked and clicking on Save, once a day you will receive a notification e-mail message with a summary of the last quarantined messages.


here you will find the informations needed to manage the SOPHOS Quarantine.

Log Out

click here to disconnect from quarantine area.

ATTENTION!! Old stored message will be automatically deleted by SOPHOS when your quarantine will become almost full.


How to submit unrecognised SPAM samples to Sophos Laboratories

Submitting SPAM samples to Sophos Laboratories will instruct the antispam server in order to block this kind of messages.
The easiest way to do so is to move the SPAM message to the "Junk" folder in MARCoNI-Z webmail or with any e-mail client like Apple Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird. The message will automatically be sent to Sophos Laboratories.

An alternative method consists of forwarding SPAM messages as attachment to the address is-spam@labs.sophos.com.
A simple "Forward" is not sufficient, be sure to send the samples as attachment.
More info and examples on how to do this are available at the URL https://www.sophos.com/support/knowledgebase/23113.aspx.

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