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CERIC-ERIC email settings

CERIC-ERIC.EU Webmail Access

To access your CERIC-ERIC.EU email account via WebMail (MARCoNI-Z) please use the URL https://mail.ceric-eric.eu/

Main client parameters (i.e. Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.)

If you want to read/write your e-mail messages with a client program, you have to set some vital parameters:
  • Incoming message server for IMAP4:
    • server: imap.ceric-eric.eu
    • port: 995 (POP3) or 993 (IMAP4)
    • username: name.surname@ceric-eric.eu
    • Security Settings (Encryption type): SSL/TLS, normal password.
  • Outgoing message server (SMTP):
    • server name: smtp.ceric-eric.eu
    • port: 587
    • Connection Security: STARTTLS, normal password
    • username: name.surname@ceric-eric.eu
  • Alternative SMTP configuration:
    • server name: smtp.ceric-eric.eu
    • port: 465
    • Connection Security: SSL/TLS, normal password
    • username: name.surname@ceric-eric.eu
Last Updated on Friday, 12 February 2021 11:33