How to import Gmail contacts into Elettra WebMail (MARCoNI)

  • Open your Gmail account and go to your contacts section (menu on left). Now select all your contacts (1) and click on Export (2).

  • Now, choose the contacts to export (3), select the vCard format (4) and press Export (5).

  • Finally, save the contacts file (in the default directory of your web browser downloaded files).

  • At this point, you have to open the Elettra WebMail (better with Pronto interface) and press CONTACTS section (6).

  • Click on "Import vCard Data" (7) icon and chose the "contacts.vcf" file you saved before.

  • You will ask for saving your contacts (usually in the default "Contacts" folder). Press Import button (8) and that's all.

How to import Microsoft Outlook contacts into Elettra WebMail (MARCoNI)

  • Start Outlook and go to your contacts section. Open the "Edit" menu and choose "select All" (1).

  • Now open the "Action" menu and select "Send as Business Card: (2).

  • If your email account is well configured, a new mail window appears with your contacts as attachments. Right click in the "Attached" section (3) and choose "Select All" in order to select all your .vcf contacts (4).

  • Now, create a folder on your computer and drag all the .vcf files you have just selected into it. You should obtain something like this:

  • At this point, follow the same steps (6, 7 and 8) as explained above (How to import Gmail contacts into Elettra WebMail) with the only difference you have to import all the .vcf files and not only one (point 7).

  • If you cannot import multiple .vcf files, then follow these instructions for creating a single .vcf file
    • open a DOS window (Accesories-> Command Prompt)
    • move to the directory with your .vcf files (in our exaple cd C:"Document and Settings\paolomichelini\Desktop\cont")
    • execute: copy *.vcf all.vcf
  • Now you have a single .vcf file to import
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