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Email Request

Read this notes, and, if you agree and accept the rules press "Continue" and fill the form.
  • Fill the on-line form, print and sign it.
  • Send the request to the Human Resurces by internal mail or by sending its scanned version via email. If you don't know your Operative Unit and/or Group, leave the fields blank.
  • Specify your personal e-mail (outside Elettra) if you want to receive the registration confirmation.
  • Specify the contract type (A, B, C o D).
For the B, C and D cases, specify the exact contract duration.

GDR people, together with the exact contract duration, have to indicate the GDR group leader (or his ST reference) and his e-mail address.

After that, as soon as possible, our service will create a new e-mail account with:
  • Username -> name.surname
  • Password: temporary one (see form end note).
Due to Italian D.lgs. 30 giugno 2003, n. 196 (Codice in materia di Protezione dei Dati Personali), after your first connection, you must change temporary password of your newly created account. The new passowrd must be at least 8 characters long and not trivial. The password must be kept secret.
Attached to the request form, you will find the "Netiquette Rules". Please, read them with attention.

NOTE: the account is automatically disabled at the end of your contractual period, but it remains reachable for six months more. Therefore you can set a "Vacation Message" or, if you want to receive your name.surname@elettra.eu e-mails, you can set a "Redirect All Mail to" an your new personal e-mail address in the WebMail "Mail Control" session.
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