File sharing - troubleshooting

Error: Cannot open file on Elettra Drive

Most of the time this problem is due to a limitation in Microsoft software. It's more frequent on Windows but can also affect MacOS.

Microsoft windows has a limitation of 249 characters in the lenght of all the full paths of the files. For 'full path' here we mean "filename with all the directories it's in", like:
For the curious people here are the technical details.

If this is not enough for the bravehearts, Microsoft Excel has an even stricter limit for file paths: 218 charaters! And this is valid also for Excel on MacOS

So, the only workarounds to this are:
  1. Keep names of directories and files short, adhering to the KISS principle.
  2. When using Elettra Drive, prefer using the SeaDrive Desktop client instead of the Syncing client.
Last Updated on Friday, 20 March 2020 15:06