IDEM - Federated Identity Management IDEM


IDEM is the italian national federation for universities and research institutions for authentication and authorization.

IDEM enables you accessing several federated services making use of your institutional digital identity. For example, you can access electronic magazines from wherever you are making use of the same username and password you use in Elettra.

Academic and research, public and private institutions may participate in IDEM as digital Identity Provider.

In addition to Identity Providers, any public or private entity may participate in IDEM as a Service Provider.

The GARR IDEM AAI service is the federation operator. It ensures high quality and effective technical operation of the Federation, enforces compliance to relevant standards, in agreement with other federation operator at the European scale and Worldwide.
IDEM participates in the worldwide interfederation service eduGAIN, enabling user to make use of thousand of resources made available by federations worldwide


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Privacy Policy

The Identity Provider (IdP) service allows the Users of the Elettra Sincrotrone Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A to access federated Resources using their institutional credentials.
The Resources can be provided through the Italian Identity Federation of Universities and Research Institutions (IDEM), or directly.
The federated Authentication Service is responsible for authenticating the User, issuing an authentication token and, if required, releasing a minimum set of personal data to access the Resource.
Any collected personal data is stored in Italy, in accordance with the GDPR. The data processing purpose is the provisioning of the authentication service. The legal basis for data processing is the fulfillment of contractual obligations (through the provisioning of the authentication service) and the legitimate interest of the Controller. The Controller, in order to provide the service correctly, communicates to the Resources providers to which the User intends to access proof of authentication and only the personal data (attributes) requested, in full compliance with the principle of minimization.
All personal data collected to provide the federated authentication service will be stored for the entire time it will be necessary to provide the service itself.
You can find a full policy description here.

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