LAN parameters

This section covers the Windows 2000/XP/Windows 7 configuration.


Network Protocols

The official Elettra Network Protocol is the TCP/IP. If a machine is correctly configured, you don't need any other protocol or special setting. Leave all default parameters for the network configuration.


Windows Network

In order to share data through the intranet network (see "File sharing" section), to install our network printers (see "Printing" section) and to access other services you have to identify your computer as a member of ST Windows Network (called SINCRONET). To do it, you have to change its name and membership (called Workgroup or Domain).  Usually we prefer to assign a ST new computer to our SINCRONET domain. This operation involves more steps that must be done by the Servizio Informatico activity before any other software installation onto your new computer. For this reason we invite you to call us when your new computer arrives.

In other cases (private, embedded computers, ecc.) you can assign your computer to SINCRONET Workgroup in the following way, but many problems can arise.
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