Mail Access

Web Access

Elettra's MARCoNI-Z WebMail (based on Zimbra) is available at the URL

Mail client parameters

To access e-mail messages using a client other than the WebMail, you should configure it using the following parameters:
  • Incoming message server
    • IMAP4:  + SSL/TLS Security Setting (port 993); normal password
    • POP3: (deprecated, not supported by ICTSS):  + SSL Security Setting (port 995); normal password.
  • Outgoing message server
    • SMTP: + STARTTLS Security Setting (port 587); normal password
  • Authentication for both incoming and outcoming servers
    • username: <name>.<surname>
    • password: <your UniPass password>

Last Updated on Thursday, 24 June 2021 14:42