Remote Access

How to access the Elettra Network from remote 

The Elettra Network is protected against arbitral connections from the outside. There are only two ways to get into it:

From the Internet through Secure Shell connection 

If you are already connected to the Internet, you can access our network through SSH (Secure SHell). You need:

  • An electronic mail account on MARCoNI.
  • Have that account enabled for SSH connections. Please submit a ICT - VUO request for that.
  • Use an SSH client as puTTYCygwin or J-FTP to connect to 

Secure file transfer through SSH 

The SSH protocol is also suitable for secure file transfer, called "Secure CoPy" (SCP, or SFTP as Secure FTP). Just use a "smart" SCP-aware FTP client as FileZillaCygwin or J-FTP. Please refer to FileZilla documentation to set it up in order to use it through the SCP protocol.


Last Updated on Friday, 14 December 2018 15:03