Shared Calendar

If you want to create a sharing calendar inside Elettra with the possibility to check it when you are abroad or simply at home, you can use the CommuniGate Calendar.

In order to create and share it, follow these steps:
  • Use the Pronto interface (it is graphically better!);
  • Suppose you are the "caltest" user, trying to create a shared Calendar. After opening the interface, click on the "CALENDAR" tab on the left.

  • Your default CommuniGate Calendar will appear. Suppose you want to create a new one to share with someone else. So, click on the "Create Folder" icon (1).

  • You will be asked for a calendar name (2). After that, save your new calendar (3) i.e: SharedCal.

  • After checking this new calendar, you can decide with whom to share it. Click with the right button of mouse on your new SharedCal and choose the "Access Control List" (4)

  • Add people (mail account user name) (5 and 6), choose the privileges (7) and finally press the "Save" button. Remember to add yourself with all privileges in order to manage this new calendar!

  • Now, your work is finished and your colleagues can access this shared calendar with you. In which way? First of all they have to open their e-mail account (preferably using the Pronto interface).
  • After choosing the "CALENDAR" tab (see first step), they have to click on "Shared Folders" icon (8). They will be asked for a "Username". Let them insert your username ("caltest" for this example)(9), then check the box relative to the shared calendar ("SharedCal" here) (10)

  • Now, in the "CALENDAR" tab the new "caltest" calendar will appear. It is possible to choose a different color for it in order to distinguish from the user's default calendar (11). Now all of you can add a new shared appointment by simply double clicking on a date and choosing the preferred options. That's all.

Last Updated on Friday, 20 February 2015 12:29