ST-GuestNet security

Security and easiness of use are inversely proportional. This doesn't mean STGN is not secure.

Wireless security

As we already stated, ST-GuestNet is the easiest way to connect to the LAN/Internet when at Elettra, in particular when using a wireless connection. This mean that the wireless connection is unencrypted so, in principle, one malicious party could sniff your transmission and get important data you are communicating, of course being very close to you.

So, when using an STGN wireless link, we strongly encourage anybody in using Secure Transport Protocols at any time.

What on the Hearth are these Secure Transport Protocols?

It's simple: just use HTTPS instead of HTTP, SSH instead of telnet, SFTP instead of FTP.
Confused? When in trouble, contact the Information Technology department.


Last Updated on Thursday, 14 June 2012 14:34