Users Manual

Staff or long/short term contract personnel

E-mail account

After signing your contract, first of all you probably need to open an e-mail account. To do it, simply follow the instructions contained in the "Mail account request" page. When you receive the confirmation of your account opening, you can send/receive messages using our Zimbra webmail service or an email client program (see this "Mail Access") like Thunderbird.

Elettra Computers

Assigned computer

If a computer has already been assigned to you, a new one or coming from a collegue, we have to register it and assign it a new configuration (new room, wall plug, name, network parameters, etc.). For this reason, you have to carefully read the Netiquette Rules and fill the on-line Lan connection Request form (in case, specifying old data like former computer owner, inventary number, IP number/network name and whatever) and send it to our service. As soon as possible we will provide you with a new configuration for your computer.

New computer

If you have to purchase a new computer, you can ask for it directly to our Purchasing Office or get a help from us. After getting your new machine, simply act as the previous point specifies.

Private computer

In certain cases, before receiving your new computer some time occurs. Only in this case you are allow to use your own computer in the meantime (if you have one). Please read carefully and fill all the fields of the following form. Send this form to us and remember to fill also the Lan connection Request form.

Computer configuration and software availability

What have I to configure?

When all above procedures are done, your computer is ready to navigate through intranet/internet, but not to access all ST network services (see "Lan parameters Windows Network" section). For this reason we invite you to call us when your new computer arrives.

Which software can I have?

Our service will provide you with some general purpose softwares. First of all you must install our Sophos antivirus. For all the other available software (MS Office, AutoCAD, etc.), ask for it to our service.

Research Group

If you are part of a Research Group at Elettra all above is valid, with the exception you can't install software licensed to Sincrotrone Trieste on the computer supplied by your institution.

Guests and Users

If you are a guest or an Elettra user, staying here for brief period of time, probably you have your own computer and you want only to temporary connect to the network. In this case we suggest you to ask for a connection to our ST-GuestNet.


Company policy for all users requesting computer or network services are available here (italian only). Please, have a look at Italian law about personal data protection (Dlg 30/06/2003 n. 196) too.

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