Beamline Users' Radiation Protection Manuals

The radiation protection manuals for the beamlines'users consist of three chapters: the first two chapters are about radiation protection fundamentals and are the same for all  the beamlines, the third describes the beamline personnel safety system and is available here.
Select your link from the following list:

       pdf  1.1. TwinMic beamline
       pdf  1.2. Nanospectroscopy beamline
       pdf  2.2. SuperESCA and ESCA Microscopy beamlines
       pdf  3.2. VUV Photoemission and Spectromicroscopy beamlines
       pdf  4.2. Circularly Polarized Light (POLAR) beamline
       pdf  5.2. X-Ray Diffraction (XRD1) beamline
       pdf  5.2. SAXS beamline
       pdf  6.1. Materials Science beamline
       pdf  6.1. SYRMEP beamline
       pdf  6.2. Gas Phase Photoemission beamline
       pdf  7.1. MCX beamline
       pdf  7.2. ALOISA beamline
       pdf  8.1. LILIT beamline
       pdf  8.1. BEAR beamline   
       pdf  8.2. BACH beamline
       pdf  9.1. SISSI beamline
       pdf  9.2. APE beamline
       pdf  10.1. DXRL beamline
       pdf  10.1. XRF beamline
       pdf  10.2. IUVS beamline
       pdf  11.1. XAFS beamline
       pdf  11.1L Photon beam exit
       pdf  11.2. XRD2 beamline
       pdf  11.2. XPRESS beamline

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