Lines of Light. Ideas and Technolgies between present and future.

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ph. Giulia Bertuzzo

The meeting "Lines of Light. Ideas and Technologies between present and future" was held on the 6th of October in Milan and saw innovators and young scientist talking together with the journalist Maurizio Melis, author of Smart City on Radio24.

The event organised by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and AREA Science Park in cooperation with the Associazione Schola dell'Hospitale dei pellegrini SS. Pietro e Paolo, was conceived to celebrate the International Year of Light proclaimed by Unesco. It enjoyed the participation of the Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria Friuli Venezia Giulia and received the Patronage of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region as well as Radio24 Media partnership.

University students, young workers, industrialists and curious visitors in the audience eager to listen the host speakers' interventions. Ranging from nanotechnologies to cultural heritage and from the agro-food industry to life sciences, Riccardo Cucini, Alessandro Sala, Paola Storici and Franco Zanini - researchers at Elettra - explained how it is possible to answer the most diverse questions on the nature of materials by working with a lightbeam. Stefano Casaleggi, General Director at AREA Science Park and Carlo Ranalletta Felluga, president of the Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori Venezia Giulia,  focused instead on the concept of innovation and market requirements.

"Lines of Light. Ideas and  Technologies between present and future" is part of a series of artistic and scientific events organized by Elettra along with the Associazione Schola dell’Hospitale dei pellegrini. Among these, a graphics exhibition: fourty projects from a graphics competition organized to launch young designers.  A selection of the artworks framed the event hosted in the old seat of the Associazione.
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