CERIC-ERIC KICKS OFF. The first General Assembly took place


from the left, the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation, and Science Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, the President of Elettra Carlo Rizzuto and the Italy's Minister of Education, Universities, and Research Stefania Giannini (copyright Ansa)

family photo (copyright Ansa)


Milan, 22 July 2014

The first CERIC-ERIC general assembly took place in Milan. In addition to Italy, the newly-established European Consortium for analytical research and synthesis in life sciences and nanotechnology in central Europe also sees the participation of Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia, with Croatia, Hungary, and Poland soon to join.

Over the course of the assembly, which was attended by all the representatives of CERIC-ERIC’s member countries, initial decisions were made to launch the Consortium’s activities as quickly as possible. In particular, Carlo Rizzuto, President of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, was appointed as the Consortium’s legal representative
During a brief ceremony at the end of the meeting, the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation, and Science Máire Geoghegan-Quinn – who was also in Milan to attend the Informal Meeting of the European Research Ministers that took place on the same date – presented a commemorative plaque and wished the utmost success to an initiative of great scientific value and of major importance to Europe. 
The ceremony was attended by Italy’s Minister of Education, Universities, and Research Stefania Giannini. “The scientific work and advanced services that will be made possible by the integration of the various partner laboratories, which complement one another – said Giannini – are extensive and significant, and will have repercussions on a wide array of social, cultural, and industrial activities and challenges, such as the preservation of cultural heritage, health care, food, energy, and manufacturing industries in general. The Italian government and, I trust, other participating governments and the European Commission will closely follow and assist the development of such a promising initiative”.

The Consortium is an ERIC (European Research Infrastructures Consortium), a distributed research infrastructure based on the recent Council Regulation 723/2009: it draws together the best research centres and specialized laboratories from participating countries in a closely integrated network able to operate at the highest quality levels and with guaranteed open access. CERIC is the first ERIC to be headquartered in Italy, and is hosted by the Elettra Sincrotrone Research Centre in Trieste. It draws together centres that develop and make available to researchers and industry the most advanced analytical tools for the characterization and innovative development of materials, such as synchrotron light, magnetic resonance, neutron spectroscopy, and electron microscopy.





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