CALIPSO I3 project

Sincrotrone Trieste was unanimously selected to be the Coordinator of an I3 proposal named “CALIPSO-Coordinated Access to Lightsources to Promote Standards and Optimization”.
The project proposal was sent to the European Commission in November 2011; due to the very good mark received (14.0/15.0), CALIPSO will be funded and negotiation with the EC is close to its start.
CALIPSO is the follow up of the previous I3 project “ELISA” but it introduces significant novelties with respect to the past: the number of participating facilities has grown up to 20, representing all European synchrotrons and free electron lasers including those in commissioning or advanced design phase (such as the XFEL-Germany, SOLARIS-Poland and TAC-Turkey). In addition, new services will be offered to the users starting from a unique reference portal which is under development at
A first meeting among project partners took place in Munich on June 8th, 2012, where details of Transnational Access Activities and strategies for the negotiation phase have been discussed. The proper CALIPSO kick-off meeting will take place in Trieste in late autumn 2012.


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