12th European Conference on Surface Crystallography and Dynamics

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ph. Roberto BarnabĂ 

ECSCD-12 European Conference
on Surface Crystallography and Dynamics

(Trieste, October  18-21, 2015)

More than 70 scientists from all over the world joined the 12th edition of the conference, addressing the atomic-scale characterization of surface structure and its relation to dynamics.
The main focus was on the precise determination of atomic positions in systems of increasing complexity, carried out by means of experimental and computational methods. Topics included a wide range of processes (adatom and molecule diffusion, surface stress, surface thermodynamics, self-assembled systems, and magnetism) occurring at the surfaces of different materials (metals, alloys, oxides, nanostructures, clusters, complex and smart materials).
The conference provided a forum where highly reputed invited speakers and younger researchers could exchange knowledge and discuss the most recent theoretical and experimental developments in surface crystallography. 
The outstanding level of all presentations and the lively scientific discussion made the meeting uniquely interesting.



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