Elettra at Trieste NEXT



Cooking adventures with a physicist
 and a molecular chef 

SUNDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER, Expo Mittelschool 

An interactive performance with Franco Zanini and Michele Grandi

An orderly, curious audience participated in three interactive performances staged by Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste, in collaboration with Pepenero Pepebianco Restaurant
During each meeting, each of which lasted over an hour, 50 seated guests and a nearly equal amount of standing-room guests filled the dining hall of the Expo Mittelschool restaurant, kindly made available by the Municipality of Trieste. The guests were captivated by a presentation given by Franco Zanini and Michele Grandi. The former, a physicist at Eletrra and an expert in the food and agriculture field, and the latter, a master chef who graduated from Gualtiero Marchesi’s ALMA International School of Italian Cuisine, discussed the morphology and characteristics of food (taste, preservation, resistance to bacteria) and used a scientific approach to tackle the theoretical basis for common cooking techniques, while also describing new ones. 


The blend of science and cooking was quite plainly a hit with the audience, who witnessed first hand the preparation of several dishes make using molecular cooking techniques. Between presentations, guests were offered tastings of the dishes from the menu that was designed especially for this occasion. The pear sorbet, prepared with nitrogen and served by the chef in person, was a tremendous success.

Photo: Roberto Barnabà
Left: a few moments from the interactive performance and the nitrogen sorbet tasting. Below: tasting portions ready to be served, Next’s menu, food preparation, the municipal councillor Antonella Grim together with speakers Franco Zanini and Michele Grandi, the staff who organized the event.



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