Elettra Fellow to Prof. Sergio Tazzari

Rizzuto, Tazzari e Svanderlik

On May 15, 2014Prof. Sergio Tazzari, nominated Elettra Fellow by the Board of Directors of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste on March 28, 2014, received a honour plate.
The title of Elettra Fellow is awarded every year to internationally-renowned scientists and administrators.

Prof. Sergio Tazzari, the President of Elettra Carlo Rizzuto (on the left) and the FERMI Project Director Michele Svandrlik (on the right). 
(ph. Giorgio Paolucci)

Professor Sergio Tazzari is a physicist of wide international repute in the field of particle accelerators and a true pioneer in the application of accelerator technology to the implementation of advanced light sources. He was an early advocate of the construction of Elettra, contributed to its design and chaired the international Machine Advisory Committee of Sincrotrone Trieste throughout the construction and early operation stages. As a senior advisor of the FERMI project Professor Tazzari provided invaluable advice in many areas of machine development and construction. Through his many contributions to Elettra and FERMI over the years, Professor Sergio Tazzari has greatly contributed to the success of our organisation.
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