Russian delegation of entrepreneurs at Elettra

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(ph. Foto Rolli)
October 27, 2016

Creating closer trade relations between Russia and Italy: this was the main goal of a mission of Russian entrepreneurs who came to our city to visit various commercial and technological institutions including the research center Elettra.
The mission was organised by the Russian agency for the development of SMEs and included about twenty entrepreneurs from the Regions of Tula (approximately 200 km south of Moscow) and the Mari El Republic (east of Moscow), but also from Rostov and Lipetsk. All of them are managers and representatives of companies operating in various sectors, such as technology and biomedical engineering, plastic moulding, applied sciences, transport, but also food and agriculture, furniture and design, construction.
Following the meetings with the authorities at the Town Hall of Trieste, the group of entrepreneurs had the chance to further discuss specific subjects meeting Italian counterparts from Confindustria (the Confederation of Italian Industry), and representatives from “AREA Science Park” and “Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste” welcomed by the Industrial Liasons Office.
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