GeCrySchool - 1st part

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(ph. Foto Massimo Goina)


Trieste (Italy) Jan 21-24, 2020

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste hosted the first session of the GeCrySchool, ‘From Gene to Crystal", mainly devoted to chemists and small molecule crystallographers who have little or no experience in the initial part of the protein structure determination: namely all the essential phases to go from the gene till the protein crystals. These steps encompass molecular biology and protein biotechnology methods that have been thoroughly addressed by the course. It was a four days full immersion hands-on school: the program included theoretical and practical information condensed in morning lessons and intensive afternoons sessions dedicated to experimental classes with active training in the lab for bioinformatic analysis, gene cloning, protein expression, purification, and protein crystallization.
The motivated participants gave a very positive feedback as they had the chance to explore and develop a range of key practices, and they were provided the most important and frequently used biological tools needed to get protein crystals suitable for structural determination by starting from gene and literature information.
“From Gene to Protein Crystal Structure” school, thought for all those who want to approach crystallography as a technique for structural biology studies and have limited or no experience in this field, is supported by the Italian Crystallographic Association (Sezione Coordinamento Didattico e Gruppo Giovani) and it is organized along with the Biological Macromolecules Section of AIC.







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