GeCryschool, 2nd session: from crystal to structure

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September 22-25, 2020

After a first session (From gene to crystal) dedicated to the molecular biology techniques, expression & purification of recombinant proteins and crystallization, the second part of the school focussed on the determination of the structure of macromolecules starting from crystals.
Due to the Covid-19 emergency, this second part of the school was run as a virtual event. A handful of lectures provided an overview of the theoretical basis, but the largest portion of the school was centred on the experimental aspects, with hands-on sessions on data collection on the XRD2 beamline, the use of various data processing packages, methods to solve the phase problem, how to use molecular graphics to build a 3D model, up to crystallographic refinement.

From Gene to Protein Crystal Structure” school, thought for all those who want to approach crystallography as a technique for structural biology studies and have limited or no experience in this field, is supported by the Italian Crystallographic Association (AIC - Sezione Coordinamento Didattico e Gruppo Giovani) and it is organized along with the Biological Macromolecules Section of AIC.
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