HERCULES 2016 at Elettra and FERMI

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(ph. Laura Badano and Cecilia Blasetti)

From April 11th till 15th, 2016, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste welcomed a group of 16 PhD and post-doc students from the HERCULES school

HERCULES is a worldwide known 1-month school providing training for students, postdoctoral and senior scientists in the field of Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation for condensed matter studies. It includes lectures, practicals and tutorials as well as a week at a European facility. 

At Elettra, the students could benefit from high level scientific lectures about the Elettra and FERMI lightsources and about the scientific possibilities offered by CERIC-ERIC.

The programme was complemented by 2 full days of practicals on FERMI (control room and experimental hall), the Nano Innovation Laboratory and five Elettra beamlines (BACH, BadElph, Nanospectroscopy, SAXS, TWINMIC). The students’ proactive interest confirms once more the excellence of our instruments and personnel.


Four students of the Petrarca high school in Trieste also joined the group through the various activities to experience the high-level training implemented at Elettra and FERMI. Click on the links to take a look at the interviews that they carried out with the HERCULES 2016 students and instructors. A social programme including a visit to Miramare, S. Giusto and town centre was also realized on a beautiful spring day. 

Elettra is proud to host the HERCULES renowned school and already looks forward to an improved scheduling, for the years to come, taking into account participants and lecturers feedback.

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Produced by the Elettra Crowd team, in collaboration with students from Petrarca high school





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