Great participation in "Meet in Italy" in Trieste

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(ph. Massimo Goina)

The sixth edition of Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2019 ended in Trieste last October 18th, with the presence of more than 1,000 visitors from 31 Countries, more than 1,600 one-to-one meetings, 31 conferences and workshops and more than 20 national and international investors. The participating stakeholders, from the industries of pharmaceutics, nutraceutics, biotechnologies, medical devices, or more in general, medicine and wellbeing, livened up for three days the premises of Molo IV, arranged for the event.

This Life Sciences sector is rapidly growing and constitutes one of the leading sector at a national level for innovation and technology, as remarked by Diana Bracco, President of theTechnological Cluster for Life Science ALISEI: “The ideas emerged at the international conference are many; it has been shown that Life Sciences are experiencing a moment of high dynamism and continue to offer new growth opportunities. Data confirm that the sector is one of the crown jewels of the Italian industrial system, able to generate important socioeconomic benefits with a strong propensity to export, internationalization and innovation. Not only the Research & Development activities of the Life Sciences companies are a strategic investment for the domestic economy, they also translate into therapies that exert beneficial effects on the health of citizens and improve the quality of the life of patients".

Meet in Italy 2019 was a great opportunity to network, through more than 1,600 bilateral meetings, in which start-ups, companies, public and private research institutes and investors have shared their points of view on subjects strictly related to the business, establishing new possible partnerships.

For Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, which participated in Meet in Italy 2019, the event was a chance to share the basic and applied research capabilities and the professionalism of this institution to start new collaborations with the enterprises.

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