Mr Carlos Gracia de Alba Zepeda, Mexican Ambassador in Italy, visits Elettra

Possible investments in the Region were the main reason for visiting Trieste. Mexico takes much interest in scientific and technological innovation and education.

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Photo M. Goina

On Monday, November 9, the Mexican Ambassador in Italy, Mr Carlos Gracia de Alba Zepeda, welcome by Prof. Alfonso Franciosi, President and Managing Director of Elettra, visited the Elettra synchrotron light source and the FERMI Free Electron Laser. Escorted by Mr Marco Marazzi, Vice Coordinator General and Mr Marco Peloi, Head of the Industrial Liaisons Office, the diplomat stopped by few beamlines of the laboratory, meeting with researchers who illustrated the research activities in progress.
The Ambassador greatly appreciated the work carried out by Elettra, expressing his interest in developing in Mexico the technology of the synchrotron accelerators, whose development – he said – may have a positive impact on the quality of life. “The number of synchrotron applications is really impressive – so stated Carlos Gracia de Alba Zepeda - and therefore I will do all I possibly can to make sure that Elettra will be used more by the Mexican researchers and enterprises. I’d like to bring the experience of this city to Mexico and to think that one day we will be able to create a synchrotron of our own”.
The Ambassador also announced that an honorary consulate of this Central-American country would shortly be inaugurated in Trieste, and that nuclear engineer Graziano Bertogli will be the representative.

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