Workshop on Integrating Table-Top Laser, Seeded-Free Electron Laser and Storage Ring Sources for Time Resolved Spectroscopies


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(ph: Roberto BarnabĂ  for Elettra)

December 1st and 2nd, 2014
AREA Science Park, Padriciano (Trieste)

The NFFA-demonstrator, T-ReX group at Elettra and IOM-CNR joint workshop "Integrating Table-Top Lasers, Seeded Free Electron Laser and Storage Ring Sources for Time Resolved Spectroscopies" brought together top scientists from all around the world and about ninety attendees.

The main scope of the workshop was to discuss about the need of novel users facilities for the nano-sciences providing ultrashort photon pulses (fs-ps), from THz to the X-ray along with the instrumentation need for studying novel and strategic materials in far from the equilibrium conditions. 

During the workshop and the round table, chaired by Prof. Franciosi, the development of facilities to investigate the electronic structure dynamics in nano-materials and/or low-dimensional matter has been deeply discussed. 

In particular, significant and several presentations and discussions have been dedicated to the tools and the spectroscopies required for performing advanced experiments beyond the actual limits in terms of spatial, time and energy resolution. Also the technologies needed to provide efficient and high-users-turnover laser-based beamlines, capable to support an effective users program, integrating and increasing the offer of the FEL sources and of the pump-probe SR beamline experiments, have been presented.

In this context the expansion of the NFFA (Nanoscience Foundries and Fine Analysis) Demonstrator facility program, integrated with the T-ReX laboratory and the FERMI-FEL facilities and focused to offer table-top fs-laser beamlines and pump-probe set-ups for user experiments, has aroused great interest among the participants, in majority represented by young scientists and students. 

Prof. Fulvio Parmigiani


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