NOCE 2017: NOnlinear dynamics and Collective Effects in particle beam physics

Castle of Arcidosso, Grosseto
19-22 September 2017

Arcidosso, a medieval town in Southern Tuscany in Italy, hosted four successful international workshops on nonlinear particle beam dynamics and collective effects in the last decade of the past century. Tens of experts on beam dynamics in particle accelerators and mathematicians of non-linear dynamics participated. A new edition of the Arcidosso workshop was organized by Elettra and the  Municipality of Arcidosso as an ideal continuation of the work that, 20 years ago, helped the establishment of theories, techniques and accelerator designs of current operational colliders, synchrotron light sources and linear accelerators-driven light sources.

The event took place in the historically evocative scenario of the 11th century Aldrobrandescan castle and was sponsored by the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA), INFN – Section of Bologna, Kyma Srl, and in partnership with “Scuola Normale Superiore" of Pisa.

The workshop has reviewed the advances made in the past two decades on the manipulation, in linear and circular accelerators, of high brightness particle charged beams. While still in the framework of nonlinear beam dynamics and collective effects, the workshop updated its content on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies and scientific results obtained at existing accelerator facilities. Challenges and solutions, proposed or implemented, for the operation of third and fourth generation storage rings and circular colliders, as well as radiofrequency linacs for Compton light sources and free electron lasers, were reviewed and discussed. Constructive interaction between communities of linear and circular accelerators were encouraged, such as, for instance, in the investigation of a complementarity between single-pass and recirculating light sources in energy, timing and spectral operational modes.

Four main topics guided the scientific program:

  • Linear and nonlinear particle dynamics in storage rings for colliders and light sources
  • Collective effects in storage rings and in linacs for free electron lasers
  • Design concepts and design tools for synchrotron light sources, free electron lasers and inverse-Compton light sources.
  • Complementarity of synchrotron light sources and free electron lasers: timing, energy and spectral operational modes.
The workshop was organized with the aim of maximizing the discussion. Sixty five participants contributed to the scientific program with 23 plenary talks and 25 talks in the parallel sessions. The plenary talks concerned storage rings, intended both as colliders and synchrotron light sources, and linac-driven free electron lasers, with the aim of allowing different groups in the accelerators community to share their work and ideas, and possibly find synergy of intents. For two days two working groups discussed in parallel sessions about diffraction limited storage rings and short wavelengths free electron lasers. The two groups eventually reported in the plenary session. In addition, twelve posters were in view during the whole duration of the workshop.
The scientific program was the result of a formal selection by the Scientific Program Committee of proposals submitted by twenty five senior scientists of the international Scientific Advisory Board.
More information on the workshop as well as on its scientific contents can be found at the following link:
Slides and posters will be soon available on the website. Production of proceedings to be published in World Scientific is ongoing.

Ref. Simone Di Mitri
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