COherent X-ray spectroscopy: the dream

COX workshop was very successful and gathered more that 80 participants from Italy, Germany, Sweden, China, United States, Czech Republic, France and Switzerland.

During the workshop it has been discussed the advantage of extending table-top laser spectroscopies in the Vacuum Ultraviolet and soft x-ray range thanks to the advent of seeded Free Electron Lasers (FEL) like FERMI. It has been shown how it is now possible to probe dynamical processes occurring in molecular and nanostructured materials with an unprecedented time-space (femtosecond-nanometer) resolution.

In fact, the use of high energy photons allows stimulating and probing electronic transitions from core levels thus providing chemical selectivity.

The presentations that took place during the workshop pointed out that the use of FEL radiation will advance our knowledge to the very essence of materials science, chemistry, and biology, thus opening the way to future technologies that cannot even be foreseen today.


ph. Roberto BarnabĂ 
Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:30