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PHANGS - Photons at the Next Generation Synchrotron Facilities from Production Delivery

Trieste, 4/5 December, 2017

PHANGS was the first of two workshop organized for the XXV Elettra Users Meeting with the aim of bringing together scientists to debate the perspectives and challenges for next generation storage rings, sources and photon transport optics. Special emphasis was be placed on design solutions that can serve best the scientific community by providing brightness, coherence and variable pulse-lengths.

The workshop will be organized in three sessions:
  • Next Generation Storage Rings (NGSR)
  • Insertion devices for NGSRs
  • Photon transport optics and enhanced beamline performance at NGSRs
The topics discussed during the workshop were the answer to the problems raised by the ongoing and planned upgrades of existing synchrotron facilities worldwide. Such upgrades add new experimental capabilities for a wide range of scientific communities from academy and industry.

105 people from 16 countries around the world were registered at the workshop





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