Quantitative 3D X-ray Imaging: From Tomographic Images to Metrics

Ph. Yousra Jaddour. Courtesy of Lorentz Center.

Leiden (NL), 11-15 January 2016.  Lorentz Center

Modern X-ray tomography techniques, combining a mixture of advanced experimental imaging and novel mathematical reconstruction methods, are a topic of intensive study where many advances are currently made. After obtaining the 3D images, the next step forward is constituted by the determination of quantitative parameters describing the phenomenon under investigation. 

The international workshop 'Quantitative 3D X-Ray Imaging: From Tomografic Images to Metrics'  aimed at initiate a thorough discussion about the extraction of quantitative object features based on 3D and 4D X-ray imaging.

For certain basic cases of dimensional metrology protocols for quantitative CT-based measurements have already been established, but for the more elaborate X-ray tomography techniques, evaluation of images is currently often a qualitative procedure.

The discussions focused on three key domains, each giving rise to unique and specific quantification questions: 
(i) Dimensional metrology,
(ii) Quantification ofdynamic processes,  
(iii) Quantitative X-ray orientation imaging. 

The workshop has been co-funded by the EXTREMA COST Action, a European research network focused on advanced X-ray tomography and was attended by 50 participants from several European countries and United States. 


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