SILS - School on Synchrotron Radiation “Gilberto Vlaic”: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications

The first online edition of the “Synchrotron Radiation “Gilberto Vlaic”: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications” school was held from 13 to 17 September 2021 in collaboration with the Società Italiana di Luce di Sincrotrone.
This year's edition should have been in presence, but due to the pandemic it was decided to organize it online, reducing its duration to one week.
This decision met with enormous success as we received more than 200 requests for participation from students from all over the world in just a few days, accepting 150 of them based on the curriculum studiorum.
The lectures saw the alternation of well-known teachers both in presence at Elettra and remotely and focused on fundamental scientific topics related to experimental activities with synchrotron light and in particular on spectrometry, imaging, microscopy, fluorescence techniques, and some data analysis sessions. The virtual tours of the Elettra and FERMI laboratory were very engaging.


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