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The Trieste Next and Researchers'Night initiatives meet with great success


This year, the second edition of Trieste Nextpromoted by the Municipality of Trieste, the University of Trieste, and NordEstEuropa Editore was held jointly with the Researchers’ Night, organised by the University of Trieste, and saw a significant increase of the number of visitors compared to 2012. According to the estimates of the University of Trieste, over 35,000 people attended the three-day event.
A large number of people of all ages visited the exhibitions and events around Piazza Unità (the main town square), especially the science village “City of Knowledge” and the two exhibitions: “Water” at Magazzino delle Idee and “Around the World in 80 Clicks” in the Veruda municipal hall.  The photographic exhibition was co-organized by TWAS, ICTP, Elettra, OGS, ICGEB, FIF, INFN, the Tartini Conservatory, and by the University of Trieste with the collaboration of the Department of Mathematics and Earth Science and of the School for Interpreters.
The stand of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste attracted many visitors, and was constantly animated by the enthusiastic presence of researchers and technicians who presented the activities of the centre, illustrating the working principles of the Elettra and FERMI machines, as well as the technologies that apply synchrotron light to the most diverse fields.
Thanks to Fold it!, a videogame that works like a puzzle and teaches to fold proteins correctly, visitors had fun learning some of the principles of structural biology, accompanied by Silvia Onesti’s group from the structural biology lab. Visitors also enjoyed a quiz game about Physics and the adventures of a fictional 007 secret agent, put on stage by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and the Scienza Express publishing house. The play featured Andrea Lausi, a researcher acting in the role of James Bond, Monica Marelli, co-author, together with with Emiliano Ricci, of the book “La fisica di 007” (=The Physics of 007), and the scientific journalist Simona Regina.
Finally, a very active audience participated in the round-table This strange thing we call H2O  held by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and the University of Trieste. The event, moderated by the scientific journalist Fabio Pagan, was dedicated to the chemical and physical characteristics of nature’s most anomalous liquid. The speakers included Claudio Masciovecchio (Elettra), Attilio Cesàro (University of Trieste), and Maria Antonietta Ricci (Third University of Rome).
A special thanks goes out to the people who, with their constant presence, have ensured the success of the initiative:
Annamaria Accettulli, Matteo Amati, Andrea Battistoni, Fulvio Billè, Pietro Capaldo, Alessandro Carniel, Stefano Cleva, Stefania Corvaglia, Matteo De March, Patrizia Di Crescenzio, Enzo Esposito, Daniele Fausti, Erika Giangrisostomi, Edvand Kavo, Andrea Lausi, Francesca Marino, Benedetta Marmiroli, Claudio Masciovecchio, Barbara Medagli, Ralf Menk, Aditya Mojumdar, Rita Occhipinti, Silvia Onesti, Maurizio Pacovich, Bibi Palatini, Pietro Parisse, Adriana Pertosi, Claudio Scafuri, Marta Stefania Semrau, Rudi Sergo, Paola Storici, Massimiliano Tudor, Michele Turcinovich, Roberto Visintini, Lucio Zambon


ph. Roberto Barnabà 

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