The visit of the Delegation from Luxembourg

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(ph. Massimo Goina)

The main objective of the visit of a group of entrepreneurs from Luxembourg was to offer a real opportunity to bring their business abroad. The delegation visited several commercial and technological entities of our city, making a stop in particular at the Elettra Research Center.

The mission was organized by the Chambre de Commerce du Grand Duché de Luxembourg, theEmbassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Italy and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg, particularly focusing on the aspects relating to digital technologies, industry and innovation, and was participated by about ten entrepreneurs.

The delegation was escorted by Ms Luisa Castelli, Directors of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg, and visited some of the most important centers in the Trieste metropolitan area, including Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, where on 10 December 2019 it was welcome by the Office for Technological Transfer and later continued its tour to the major enterprises in the near-by Slovenia.

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