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On Sunday, September 28th, at the Bazlen Hall in Palazzo Gopcevich, the audience was large at the roundtable organized by Elettra with the title LET’S MAKE A NETWORK. 10 THINGS TO KNOW TO BECOME “ENERGETICALLY” SHARP.
The journalist Roberto Lisjak moderated the talks between Massimo Carratù, Director at the AcegasAps Energy Directorate, Alessandro Pini Prato, professor of Energetic Systems at the University of Genova, Paolo Volontè, professor of Sociology at the Politecnico in Milan and President of the Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies, and Mauro Zambelli, CEO at Kyma and general coordinator in Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste. The main topics discussed where related to the changes in the fields of energy production, consumptions and distribution. 
At the opening of the ceremony, the council member Antonella Grim welcomed the guests and the audience.
(ph. Roberto Barnabà for Elettra)

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste’s collaborator, the historian Igor Londero, together with some of the most important academics of nuclear energy history in Italy, participated in the roundtable organized by the University of Trieste, HISTORY OF NUCLEAR ENERGY IN ITALY THROUGH THE PAST AND THE FUTURE, which took place on Sunday, September 28th at Revoltella Museum. 


(ph. Roberto Barnabà for Elettra)
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