Energy covers a central role in our daily life, and the transition towards a climate-neutral European society is both an urgent challenge and a unique opportunity. The development and the deployment of new energy technologies are of paramount importance in the years to come. Scientists and research infrastructures play a fundamental role in this scenario.

The SCIENCE@CERIC 2021 workshop, was held online on the 28th and 29th of January 2021 and was dedicated to the advancements on energy research involving research infrastructures . Research advancements and analytic technologies were the central themes of this event. Among the topics covered: lithium and post-lithium batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, energy materials, analytical techniques, and more. Among the talks: "Characterization of cathode materials using XAS and XRF at Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste" by Giuliana Aquilanti, researcher at Elettra head of XAFS and XRF beamlines, and "Operando X-ray #diffraction at MCX" by Jasper Plaisier, researcher at Elettra head of the MCX beamline.  The book of abstract is available at this link.




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