Contact 2.1 – CERIC-CEI OpeN ACces Training – “Materials characterisation for the Green Deal”


During this training workshop, three examples of energy related research achievements will be presented. Advanced characterisation techniques, as the ones offered by CERIC, present unique possibilities to study materials, also in operando conditions. To make the topic accessible for all interested attendees, we will provide an overview of the theoretical principles and a practical demonstration of the work on our beamlines and instruments. Finally, considering the importance of open science in addressing global and European challenges, we will highlight the European approach, opening scientific results and data to the community.The European Union’s (EU) Green Deal is the EU’s main new growth strategy to transition the EU economy to a sustainable economic model, in order to face the climate change and environmental degradation that are an existential threat to Europe and the world.

The overarching objective of the Green Deal is for the EU to become the first climate neutral continent by 2050, resulting in a cleaner environment, more affordable energy, smarter transport, a resource-efficient and competitive economy, new jobs and an overall better quality of life.
To achieve the goals set by the European Green Deal, the Commission has pledged to mobilise at least €1 trillion in sustainable investments over the next decade. A lot of opportunities to do scientific research on Green Deal topics are given by EU programmes such as Horizon Europe, MSCA, etc.
The urgency and the scale of challenges addressed by the Green Deal require the mobilisation and advancement of world-class scientific capacities and resources such as those offered by European Research Infrastructures.

CERIC-ERIC (Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium) actively supports the EU Green Deal by focusing on the development of dedicated services in the field of Energy. Through its activities and projects, CERIC aims to contribute to the EU climate goals, addressed through the Energy and climate plans, to the EU green Deal, and potentially also to the Mission on 100 carbon neutral cities. CERIC is running two pilot actions in the fields of batteries and fuel cells, aimed at making its partner facilities’ more suitable and better equipped for energy research, without neglecting the existing know how and user community in other areas of renewable energy research such as solar.

The CEI (Central European Initiative) agenda for the period 2021-2023 plays an important role in fostering sustainable economies and raising climate change awareness. These actions aim at enhancing overall connectivity in the region and building climate resilience, while stimulating Green Growth.

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