Visit of Mrs Maria Cristina Messa, Italian Minister for University and Research

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Foto M. Goina

On the occasion of the Trieste days dedicated to the renewal of the Argo System protocol and to the discussion on present and future joint system actions at Area Science Park, Mrs Maria Cristina Messa, Minister of the Italian Republic with responsibility for University and Research, has paid a visit today, July 5th, 2021, to the “Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste” international research center.

“For the Elettra international research center, project Elettra 2.0 symbolizes continuity to make the center attractive for all scientists and those who work in the research field worldwide. The use of increasingly better performing tools will really allow analyses at a sub-molecular, protein-interaction level, in a very short time and in an extremely accurate manner,” stated the Minister at the end of the visit. 

Mrs Messa was greeted by Mr Alfonso Franciosi, President and Managing Director of Elettra, and visited the FERMI free-electron laser and the Elettra light source, dwelling in particular on project Elettra 2.0; according to this project, the storage ring will be fully upgraded by 2026, providing a fourth-generation light source, which will be 1000 times brighter and 50 times more consistent, capable of generating very short impulses and globally competing also in the next thirty years.

In the dedication that the Minister wrote in the signature book at the end of the visit, she left words of appreciation and warm wishes for a brighter future.


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