Joint University of Milano - Elettra Sinchrotrone Trieste school: Cultural Heritage and Earth Science applicationS (CHESS)

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January 25-26, 2021

In the framework of a long-term collaboration with the Earth Science Department 'Ardito Desio' of the University of Milano, Elettra has been organizing, for several years, an annual workshop addressed to MSc students in the fields of Geosciences and Cultural Heritage studies. The workshop took place over 2 days and this year it was held, online, on January 25th -26th.

This year, Jasper Plaisier and Lucia Mancini, the scientists in charge of the MCX (Materials Characterisation by X-ray diffraction) beamline and the material science activity at the SYRMEP beamline and TomoLab laboratory (both devoted to Hard X-ray Imaging) have guided the students through virtual tours of the facilities, pre-recorded and live practicals and interactive sessions with open questions.
At the University of Milano, the workshop was organised by Prof. Nicoletta Marinoni, Prof. Marco Merlini and Prof. Fernando Camara Artigas.
About 20 students attended the workshop and during the second day a special practical session was devoted to the guidelines for proposal preparation and submission in a synchrotron facility or for access to integrated multidisciplinary facilities through the CERIC infrastructure.

Students were actively participating to the different sessions, especially with requests for future internship and the possibility to perform part of their PhD studies at Elettra.

Remote lessons were given using the tools of Augmented/Enhanced Reality. Smart glasses that combine miniaturized computer, camera and screen allow to transmit the current view of the researcher to the public following remotely. These advanced technologies are the topic of study of the project Essential Remotization (EsRe) of IT group of Elettra, in relation to experiment remotization.

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