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ph. Roberto Barnabà

The Workshop  "new challenges for Research on Graphene: from growth and state-of-the-art characterization towards Industrial Applications” REGINA, has presented the contributions of several scientists,some of them already involved in the Graphene Flagship consortium, doing cutting edge research on graphene and 2D materials.
The talks at the Workshop have provided a rich overview on the state-of-the art research on graphene, concerning both the theoretical modelling and the experimental studies, fundamental as well as application-oriented.
The Regina talks have focused some of the most interesting aspects in the study of the mechanical, optical and transport properties of graphene; highlighted the key role of the functionalization in increasing graphene reactivity and chemical flexibility, indispensable for composite materials and biosensor fabrication; outlined the present scenario and the near-future perspectives for the fabrication and possible integration of graphene and bidimensional heterostructures into optical and nanoelectronic devices; provided an overlook of the forefront scientific publishing  for the diffusion of the research achievements in this field.
Great relevance has been given to the role that Elettra has in the graphene research both by the introductory presentation of Prof. Franciosi, who has illustrated the characteristics of Elettra and FERMI, as well as the new opportunities offered by C-ERIC, and the potential of these structures to incisively contribute in the study of two dimensional materials, and by the talks which have presented the most notable achievements in the field of the electronic, structural and chemical properties of graphene obtained at Elettra, underlining the  high scientific level of this research in the international scenario.
The workshop REGINA was very successful and gathered more that 100 participants from Italy, Germany, UK, United States, Croatia, Jordan, Spain, Slovenia, Romania, Czech republic, The Netherlands.

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