Workshop Science@CERIC

(ph. Roberto BarnabĂ )

Trieste, December 11-12 2012

CERIC (Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium) is a distributed research infrastructure, which means it will unite laboratories from all the member countries in a closely integrated network with a view to maximising quality, specialising in the development and use of research instruments, materials characterization and synthesis, structural materials analysis, imaging and biology techniques in the field of nanosciences and nanotechnologies.
During the Science@CERIC workshop, the experts in the various fields gave technical details of the methods foreseen in CERIC and discussed with some details examples of applications in the fields of life and materials sciences. Based on these talks, lively discussions led to the formulation of a number of possible research projects which will make use of the large potential offered by CERIC, with great emphasis on life sciences. It was agreed to have a pilot call for proposal at the beginning of 2013 to bring to the attention of potential users the initiative and to steer the first actual call which is foreseen in mid 2013, after the formal establishment of CERIC.

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