XXVI Elettra Users' Meeting: SciSyn X - Science and applications of synchrotron radiation 10 to 20 years from today

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(ph. Massimo Goina)


SciSyn X - Science and applications of synchrotron radiation 10 to 20 years from today

Trieste, 3-4 December, 2018

Third generation synchrotron radiation facilties worldwide are implementing major upgrade plans to establish a new generation of synchrotron radiation sources with performance approaching the theoretical limit. Such facilities will need to remain competitive and serve the international user community ten to twenty years from today.

In the workshop SciSyn X, which is part of the XXVI Elettra Users' Meeting, a number of imaginative speakers have been asked to introduce and stimulate the discussion of the long-term prospect of synchrotron radiation science and applications with the goal of identifying the crucial scientific issues that we will be addressing and the new user communities that are likely to emerge.

More than 100 participants from 14 countries attended the two days workshop.





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