EXSCALATE4CoV @ Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste

The project aims to exploit the EXSCALATE Platform along with the most powerful computing resources currently based in Europe to empower smart in-silico drug design. EXSCALATE4COV is a fully integrated network built to have a continuous run of in silico simulations followed by in vitro experimental validation that speedup the identification of active compounds to be tested in humans as novel treatments for Covid19.

Elettra is contributing to EXSCALATE4CoV by providing experimental 3D models of the SARS-Cov2 proteins to support the rational design of new chemical entities capable to inhibit the virus and to validate virtual models elaborated by the EXSCALATE platform. Elettra is part of the structural biology task force, applying protein biotechnology and macromolecular crystallography techniques to obtain crystal structures of the target proteins and details on their interaction sites with inhibitors. The activities at Elettra are carried out by the Protein Facility that takes care of protein sample preparation and crystallization and by the XRD2 and XRD1 beamlines that apply X-ray diffraction measurements by synchrotron radiation and perform molecular reconstruction techniques and data mining.


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