Italian Astrobiology Society Congress' participants visit

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(ph. Roberto BarnabĂ )

Elettra, 15 September 2015

At the end of the first work day of "Life in a cosmic context" of the  5th Workshop of the Italian Astrobiology Society, organized by INAF-OATs in cooperation with SISSA, the participants visited Elettra.
The guests were welcomed by the General Manager, Mauro Zambelli, before beginning the tour of Elettra and Fermi lightsources.


The Italian Astrobiology Society was founded by a team of astronomers, biologists, chemists, phisicists, genetists and doctors with the purpose of increasing the basic understanding of disciplines that so far have been considered disinct areas but that actually belong to the common ground of study of Astrobiology. The Italian Astrobiology Society is a scientific organization that gathers researchers and followers interested in studying the origin, evolution and distribution of life in the universe in order to answer questions that have been in the mind of man for long time. The Italian Astrobiology Society is a national organization and is open to all people interested in Astrobiology.


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