Archeology 4.0: analysis on material for archeology and cultural heritage

Two events on the latest advancements in archaeology will be held at the University of Trento.

ArcheoDays- the annual event that has been held since 2009 for students, scholars and experts in the archeology sector - will take place on Thursday, 31 January, and Friday, 1 February.

In the following week, on 4-5 February, research opportunities at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste will be presented in the advanced training event  "Analisi sui materiali per l'archeologia e i beni culturali",i.e. vibrational spectroscopies, imaging and tomography, virtual paleontology and chemical microscopy of artifacts. This event is open to young researchers from universities, museums and heritage authorities. Matteo Amati, Barbara Rossi and Franco Zanini will represent Elettra.


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