30 years of light - two slideshows on Elettra's history


2023 was a year of celebrations for Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste. The 30th anniversary of the first electron accumulation, which marked the start of operations of Elettra's storage ring, was on the October 7.

Two celebratory videos recalling Elettra's 30-year history were shown on Wednesday 20 December 2023 during Elettra's Christmas plenary meeting.

The first video, entitled 'Elettra first steps', traces the research centre's early years, from the historical meetings of the Società Sincrotrone Trieste to Elettra's first experiment.

The second video, entitled "Elettra - 30 years of light" reviewed the last 30 years of Elettra, marked by prestigious scientific achievements, important institutional visits and international collaborations.

The historical material used for the videos was taken from the archives of Elettra and several television broadcasting stations of the time, after being converted into digital format with the help of our colleagues.



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